Nasdaq Consolidated Subscriber Agreement

All distributors of real-time nasdaq market data are required to enter into a nasdaq subscriber agreement with each customer or subscriber before launching services. Distributors may choose to perform the Nasdaq Subscriber Agreement electronically or on paper. The online management of the Nasdaq subscriber agreement may be done after prior authorization from Nasdaq. For more information about the Nasdaq subscriber agreement, please contact Nasdaq Trading and Market Services. All organizations, including online brokers, must obtain authorization from Nasdaq before distributing real-time or delayed Nasdaq market data via the Internet or other electronic media. Nasdaq must approve authorization systems and subscriber agreement management for all distributors of data in the Nasdaq market in real time prior to the start of the service. To ensure that online brokerage clients can view complete and accurate data during investment decisions, distributors must demonstrate that they meet all mandatory display requirements set by Nasdaq Trading and Market Services. To initiate the approval process for your business or website, all distributors (real-time and deferred) must submit the Nasdaq Vendor Agreement and attachment A (system description), which can be viewed and printed on the Nasdaq Trader website ( Note: OMX (Nordic) is now part of the NASDAQ and requires the NASDAQ OMX agreement to be activated.

Questions regarding this communication may be directed to Nasdaq Trading and Market Services at (202) 728-8480. For more information and documentation, also visit the Nasdaq TraderSM website ( Professional agreement of subscribers to the Option Price Reporting Authority (OPRA), which includes options and index data from the following participating exchanges: AMEX, BATS, ESB, CBOE, ISE, NASDAQ, NYSE Arca, PHLX All nasdaq real-time data, including index data, is considered paid and subject to monthly reporting requirements. Nasdaq requires all distributors of real-time Nasdaq market data to submit monthly reports showing their usage and distribution in real-time Nasdaq market data. These reports are used to generate nasdaq billing for market data charges. A complete list of Nasdaq data fees can be found in Authorization to provide Network A market data to subscribers via controlled devices (including AMEX). The first customers of the NYSE must also sign the NYSE Professional Subscriber Agreement (below). Requirements for the distribution of market data include compliance with contractual obligations, accurate and non-misleading display of market data, declaration of paid usage, and management of subscriber agreements with end-users of nasdaq market data.

This statement provides explanations of these guidelines and requirements applicable to e-commerce systems, electronic means of distribution and Internet distribution. FactSet License Agreement Market Supplier Data Schedule is required before obtaining real-time market data from The Global Exchange of Asia, Canada, Europe (FTSE, Tullet Prebon, etc.). Stock exchanges in the Middle East, South America and the United States (Dow Jones and MSCI). This does not include the Istanbul Stock Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange, the Dubai Financial Market and the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange. NYSE Professional Subscriber Agreement is only required for nyse/AMEX customers for the first time. Only required for early NYSE customers. FINRA TRACE Data Subscriber Agreement for real-time access FactSet License Agreement Market Supplier Data Calendar required prior to receipt of real-time data from the Bombay Stock Exchange. . Subscribe in uniform to receive CBOE Futures, CBOT, CME, COMEX, DME and/or NYMEX. . ASX Trade BSP Data Dissemination Authorization Form Requirements for the distribution and display of market data If a broker/trader uses a third-party service for the operation of its electronic media or website, it is essential that Nasdaq is aware of and has approved these agreements.

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