License Agreement For Open Source Computer Vision Library

Somewhere in the source code (whether you redistribute the modified source or not), you must keep the original BSD license, or if you only include it in your binary file, you must give users an indication of your use of OpenCV and its BSD license: In addition, the license is the standard BSD clause 3 license, This is one of the most generous licenses out there and is often used by projects, who want their code to be used in commercial projects. b. /opencv/sources/cmake/OpenCVFindLibsPerf.cmake Add a line after the #16 line: Before: ocv_include_directories (${IPP_INCLUDE_DIRS} }) Later: ocv_include_directories (${IPP_INCLUDE_DIRS) ocv_include_directories ($ENV {IPPROOT_LEGACY/include} OpenCV runs on the following windows operating system: Linux, macOS, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD. OpenCV runs on the following mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, Maemo,[17] BlackBerry 10. [18] The user can get official versions of SourceForge or refer to the latest GitHub sources. [19] OpenCV uses CMake. The OpenCV source code contains examples of how to use Intel IPP functions. Intel IPP performs operations directly on image buffers, so you need to transfer needles to those buffers, as well as appropriate buffer information such as image width and height, to the Intel IPP. Intel IPP and OpenCV calls can be easily mixed in the same application.

Here is an example: OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) is a library of programming functions primarily oriented towards real-time computer vision. /opencv/sources/cmake/OpenCVFindIPP.cmake edit line #166: Before: ${IPP_LIB_PREFIX} ${{IPP_PREFIX} ${IPPCORE} ${IPP_SUFFIX} ${IPP_LIB_SUFFIX}) After: ${IPP_LIB_PREFIX} ${IPP_PREFIX} ${IPPCV} 90lgc${IPP_SIFFIX} ${IPP_LIB_SUFFIX} ${IPP_LIB_PREFIX}${{IPP_PREFIX}}90lgc${IPP_SIFFIX IPP_LIB_SUFFIX$}OpenCV} to set up a common infrastructure for computer vision applications and accelerate the use of machine perception in products Commercial. As a BSD licensed product, openCV makes it easy for companies to use and modify code….