Homie Buyer Broker Agreement

Refunds come from the buyer`s agent commissions. Your dedicated homie will let you know how well you qualify. Homie buyer refunds do not apply to Homie 2-Homie offers, as homie sellers do not pay typical commissions for buyers when they accept an offer from a homie buyer. But if you`re buying a home classified as a homie buyer, you have an obvious advantage because you`re not forcing that smart seller to pay wildly high buying agent commissions. Your offer will be pretty good for these experienced sellers. Some buyers like to launch their offer through homie`s easy-to-use app. Others prefer their dedicated Homie Buyer agent to take control of the entire process. One way or another, we have the back. If you start the offer in the app, your buyer`s agent will check and call you before it is sent to the seller or their agent.

Wherever you are, you should expect to pay a buyer`s agent fee. If you`re selling to a non-homie buyer, these fees vary depending on your property and neighborhood – but 2.5-3% is typical of the country. If you sell to a homie buyer, you pay a flat fee of $1,300 (Utah) or $2,000 (Phoenix and Las Vegas). If you buy a non-homie home and the seller has agreed to pay a buyer agent commission, Homie will pay up to $5,000 for mortgage fees. For a home sale worth $US 300,000, this represents a saving of $US 7,201 if the buyer has their own real estate agent, or $US 16,002 if not. Due to the lack of information about the people visiting your home, it is important that you make sure that you do not have money and other valuables on the kitchen counter and that your home is ready in terms of security to ensure that people are not tempted to steal your belongings. Homie strives to validate tour requests, but this is a lower level than you`d normally see with a traditional brokerage-broker interaction, where there`s more relationship between the buyer`s agent and their client and between your agent (who should be your fiduciary, who should pay attention to you and your home) and the buyer`s agent and client. *If you sell to a homie buyer **If you sell to a non-homie buyer. 2.5 to 3% is typical, but this tax is negotiable and varies depending on the market and property. The first time we went through the homie registration process, we offered a 2% purchase commission. Our reasoning was that the market was hot, that our home was attractive and cheap for buyers, and that the buyer didn`t have much to do to earn a commission.

Homie`s latest offer is that they will refund you buyers` commission after closing. You say that you expect to receive a cheque for $6.7.8,000 at closing. NOT THE DEAL! As with most contracts, the catch is in the fine print. First, no lender will allow a buyer to receive a check from the title company for the agent commission. One day. Second, the fine print says the discount is subject to lender approval, there`s a good chance you won`t get it. Third, the rebate, if approved, could only be used for closing costs and up to a specified limit set by the lender. So no, you will not receive a cheque for $7,000 at closing.

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