Halifax Regional Municipality Collective Agreement

If the worker decides to appeal himself and succeeds, the municipality must reimburse his legal costs. Article 23 of the Collective Agreement focuses on the protection of legal aid. It specifies that the municipality „covers the legal costs incurred by an employee in the defense of a criminal or judicial investigation”, provided that „the member is indicted, summoned or is the subject of an investigation”. „The act, alleged act or inaction falls within the competence of the member;” The elected lawyer was chosen from a list agreed between the region and the Union and „The region has the right to request a review of the legal costs from the tax auditor. The collective agreement published on Wednesday, in force from April 1, 2015 to March 31, 2020, was imposed by a conciliation body in 2017. It includes about 500 sworn officers and more than 100 civilian employees and has given these members annual increases of 2.75% for each of the five years. Here are some of the employee protections that are incorporated into the Halifax Regional Police Association`s collective agreement: The municipality „has the right to settle civil proceedings and has the sole discretion to challenge a decision. A transaction is not an admission of guilt by a member. This contract does not take away anything insolent. I worked for Edmonton Transit for over 30 years, and it looks a lot like the last treaty, except that I think they negotiated the 36 months up to 30.

Do not accuse the Union of fighting for each member, but the legislation. Unions are legally obliged to fight for every member, whether they like it or not. Perhaps some changes to the legislation are more useful than throwing the whole idea of a Union overboard. There are still leaders and bosses against whom people need collective protection. The union prevents management from flouting all members of society. Collective agreements that have been completed with the Minister of Labour and Training pursuant to subsection 12 of subsection 4A and section 46 of the Nova Scotia Unions Act. In addition, a separate section of the collective agreement, section 17 on court time, seems to indicate that public servants are also paid for their trial time in these situations: if the Crown can appeal a not guilty guilty verdict, the municipality pays again. If the verdict is guilty, „the chief of police is considering the possibility of appealing with the member and the defense lawyer, and the region will bear the costs of appeal if the chief of police so recommends.” Police unions and their collective agreements have been identified as a barrier to reform, amid talks sparked by police violence in the United States.